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Punch Monkeys, Live-Action Movies According to the creator's commentary, the color gold was used to symbolize heroism in the movie, and that Tai Lung saw himself as the hero of the story, hence they gave him golden eyes, even though he is the villain of the story.  •  Kung Fu Panda •  Kung Fu Panda 2 (briefly in flashback; mentioned) •  Kung Fu Panda 3 (as one of Kai's amulets) This time, he comes with a troop of enemies to aid him. video. He was the adoptive son and former student of Shifu, as well as a powerful master of the Leopard Style of kung fu. Po disguised in the physical likeness of Tai Lung. General Blueberry. That proved to not be the case, however, when Oogway refused him the title. Octopi | Tai Lung had expected Shifu to speak to Oogway on his behalf but felt betrayed when Shifu did not, causing the darkness in his heart to explode. Eye color However, though he was shown to be patronizing and brutal to anyone standing between him and the Dragon Scroll, it is possible he had no intent to hurt anyone as he was never shown to take a life (though he did came close to kill Shifu by strangling him). Origin The Toad | 7. There was nothing else to do but prevent such devastation from happening again. Once freed, Tai Lung was spotted by the Anvil of Heaven, who mobilized to contain Tai Lung with every weapon at their disposal. Confused and outraged, Tai Lung laid waste to the Valley, cutting a swath of destruction in his fury before charging back to the Jade Palace to try and take the Dragon Scroll by force. Son style de Kung Fu est acrobatique, rapide et imprévisible. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Kung Fu Panda Holiday (briefly in dream) Fun Gus | Driven by his insatiable fury, Tai Lung unleashed his kung fu mastery and proceeded to brutally decimate the guards as he quickly made his way up the levels, the battle climaxing in a standoff at the bridge at the door level. Trained by Shifu at the Jade Palace, Tai Lung was raised under the impression that he was to become the Dragon Warrior. Jonas Fogg | Major Chip Hazard | Enraged, he fought more seriously and eventually managed to get the scroll from Po, only to find that it was a blank, reflective surface with no secrets written on it. Dr. Blowhole | Tai Lung, having no mutual reservations due to Shifu's lack of support, violently struck him aside, injuring him in the process. ... Tai Lung represents Leopard Kung Fu, and the Dragon Warrior represents Dragon Kung Fu. Furious, he almost killed Shifu, who told him he would never get the scroll but was interrupted by a shout from the entrance coming from an out-of-breath Po holding the Dragon Scroll, who claimed to be the Dragon Warrior. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Kung Fu Panda Master Shifu x Reader 10.1K 172 42 sumarry: You are know as ______ the Master of Kung Fu you look the same as Master Shifu but the fur and clothes color you can change it. He is most famous for the role of Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean. But Vachir dismisses this, saying that escape from his prison is already impossible, and attempts to prove it by showing a seemingly broken Tai Lung to Zeng; even going as far as to boast that Oogway was choosing someone other than the leopard to be the Dragon Warrior, and taking a step too far by literally stepping on his tail. Plus Shen himself admitted that he wouldn't be able to beat people through Kung Fu alone so had to create weapons. 3. DuBois' Men | Obtain the Dragon Scroll (succeeded) in order to become the true Dragon Warrior (failed).Escape Chorh-Gom Prison (succeeded).Destroy Po and the Furious Five.Dismantle the Jade Palace as well as the Valley of Peace.Get revenge on Shifu for putting him under falseness and imprisoning him (all failed). Fu-Xi | Commander Vachir only boasted he had everything under control and that escape from Chorh-Gom was impossible. Years after these events, Shifu was shown to be stern and withdrawn toward his new students, the result of carrying the emotional burden of Tai Lung's betrayal. Knocking him down the thousand steps, he fought Po for possession of the Dragon Scroll, only to be outsmarted and outdone at every turn in a series of game-like obstacles. However, as he grew older and more skilled, he became overconfident, prideful, and vain, until he believed that it was his destiny to receive the Dragon Scroll and become the Dragon Warrior. First Ones | Their once was a snow leopard named Tai-Lung. Tai Lung was afraid to see the technique but nervously thought that perhaps Po was bluffing and that Shifu never taught him the hold. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Kung Fu Panda character. Passionné, costaud et quelque peu maladroit, Po est sans conteste le plus grand fan de kung-fu. Jindiao | And in the Legends of Awesomeness series, Po is pretty explicit about having killed Tai Lung. James Hook | Horde Prime | Julian Assange | Fitch likes this. Victor Quartermaine | The Mouse | Gil Mars | Even so, Tai Lung ultimately hardened his heart and seized Shifu by the throat, growling he did not want an apology, but the Dragon Scroll, and he demanded the master to reveal its location. Larry Quinn | 4. The Beast on the other hand, is more shallow - he's a guy who got so good at kung fu that he went insane and just likes to kill people for the fun of it now. 40+[1] Deion Hughes | King Gristle Sr. | Lola | 5. Tai Lung fighting the other members of the Furious Five. Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Tai Lung Escapes. When he escaped, he made his way back to the Jade Palace where he confronted Shifu once more. Kai the Collector | D-Stroy | ARIIA | Headless Horseman | Close. V (Female) 3. Shifu initially just defended himself against Tai Lung, but finally struck back in anger when Tai Lung carelessly took Oogway's staff, declaring Shifu could be the one to make him the Dragon Warrior now. Eugene Francis | Residence Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dwayne LaFontant | Moved with compassion, Shifu decided to adopt the cub and raise him as his own, bestowing on him the name "Tai Lung" (meaning "Great Dragon")[11] in the hopes that he would become the Dragon Warrior. Tai Lung battling Po for possession of the Dragon Scroll, Incredulous, Tai Lung tossed Shifu aside, charging when Po challenged him to "come and get it". In the deepest part of the prison, Tai Lung was chained and fitted with a restraining tortoise shell, with various acupuncture needles in crucial places along his back, keeping his chi blocked and making him almost fully immobile. In Development Tai Lung was designed to be "the hero of his own story," overcoming obstacles to chase only what he believes to be rightfully his, a concept that was inspired by The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. However, in the past when he was raised and trained by Shifu, he seemed to be a happy, energetic cub with much talent and dedication to the arts of kung fu and was viewed as a kung fu prodigy in the eyes of his loving father and master. Tai Lung is the main protagonist in "Kung Fu Panda Siri (Wife) Captain Gutt, Flynn, Silas, Dobson, Raz, Squint, Gupta, Charles Muntz, Chick Hicks, Lord Shen and Kai (Friends) Sabor (Best Friend) Charlie Brown, Linus, Po, Tip, Oh, Otis, Sci-Twi, Snoopy BB-8, Lewis, Penny Peterson, Sherman Astrid Hofferson, Manny, Sid and Diego (Enemies) Po x Tigress - Find a way. Tai Lung – główny antagonista w Kung Fu Panda.  •  Ian McShane (film)[8] •  Riley Osborne (young)[8] •  Frank Welker (film roar)[8] •  Peter McHugh (Kung Fu Panda: The Game)[9] •  Pat Fraley (Legendary Warriors)[source?] In "Master and the Panda," Peng ended up learning the truth about what had happened to Tai Lung and attacked Po, who tried to tell Peng that his uncle was a villain, but Peng calls him a liar. It received critical acclaim and became a box office success. However, his ultimate goal was to be the Dragon Warrior and be handed the Dragon Scroll, which he firmly believed was his destiny. Male 2. Guy Gagné | Tai Lung is the main antagonist of DreamWorks' 16th full-length animated feature film Kung Fu Panda, the posthumous overarching antagonist of Kung Fu Panda Holiday, and a posthumous antagonist for the rest of the franchise. Disgruntled | Tai Lung's eyes widen with determination upon hearing the Dragon Warrior was about to be chosen. Series Partage-le avec tes amis! Assef | Robot Probes | Serveur dans le restaurant de nouilles de son père, son habileté reste encore à prouver. General Mandible | Blayde | Tai Lung was unaware that while Oogway observed his training, he did not like what he saw: Shifu's excessive pride was filling Tai Lung's heart with darkness. White Bone Demon | Tai Lung after having his chi blocked by Oogway. Fung | Despite his ruthless and hard exterior, Tai Lung is also naturally unassertive and insecure, so he never believed in himself to begin with, and needed the Dragon Scroll to believe so. Gender Though Tai Lung does not make an appearance in the series, he is shown in flashbacks and is mentioned on more than one occasion: At first, he was shown in the flashback during his escape from Hundun's point of view. Willard Tweedy | 1. Galactic Horde | 1. If I did… I wouldn't be working my ass off with all assignments that I'm having now. Shifu took him in and raised him as his son, showered him with love, and trained him in the arts of Kung Fu, which Tai Lung proved to be a prodigy at. Big Black Jack Latimore | Choking in Tai Lung's grip, Shifu repeated that Tai Lung would never have the Dragon Scroll, and, furious, Tai Lung attempted to finish him off, but was interrupted by the arrival of Po, after which he then carelessly threw Shifu to the ground. Shifu : Obeying your master is not weakness! Jeu Kung Fu Panda Tai Lung : Le jeu Kung Fu Panda Tai Lung est un de nos meilleurs jeux de kung fu panda tai lung et jeux de kung fu panda gratuits !!! 47 Kung Fu Panda HD Wallpapers and Background Images. 2015/11/02 - この作品 「落書き納」 は 「カンフーパンダ」「シーフー」 等のタグがつけられた「はきにくい靴の店」さんの漫画です。 「一年て早い ※loaネタ多いので注意してください」 Tai Lung was originally going to be the leader of a group of villains. Shifu bowed to Oogway's wishes and helped oversee the construction of the ominously impressive Chorh-Gom Prison, located in the frigid outskirts of Mongolia. Thinking quickly, Tai Lung rapidly leaped from rock to falling rock, finally reaching the last bundle of explosives that had yet to be set off—and tossed it among the guards as it exploded, blasting open the heavy doors and finishing off the remaining guards and Vachir, presumably killing them all. Combat style Minor scratches around figures. Goro Takemura. Shi Long, Video Games He is a mighty snow leopard who was Shifu's former student and adoptive son, Tigress' adoptive older brother and he is also the first archenemy of Po. Fossas | Henchfrogs | Tales of Arcadia Villains | Tai Lung's an arrogant kung fu guy looking to prove he's the best in the world and have acknowledgment. Zhongli. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Kung Fu Panda character. After a brief fight, Tai Lung was defeated once again when Po kicked him and sent him flying off into the horizon, exploding into a portal-like light on impact. Wu Sisters | As a young cub, he was promising in the art of Kung Fu and had a close bond with his master, Shifu who in his eyes was his true father. Distributed by Paramount Pictures. Tai Lung told Shifu he has come home and respectfully calls him "Master." Smartsy Fartsy | Also, shifu literally means "master" in Chinese, and wugui means "tortoise". With the move performed, Tai Lung was defeated by the true Dragon Warrior: A panda he had laughed at upon first meeting. Ryomen Sukuna. Kung Fu Panda Holiday . Kung Fu Panda Movie Clip - Shifu vs. Tai Lung - Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) faces off against his former protégé turned villain Tai Lung (Ian McShane).Plot synopsis: Po the panda (Jack Black) works in his family's noodle shop and dreams of becoming a kung-fu master. Over time, Tai Lung became proud and overly confident in his abilities, having mastered Leopard Style kung fu and advanced techniques such as nerve attacks, as well as all one-thousand scrolls of kung fu. Mod Frogs (Jamack, Mrs. Satori | So it is up to Shifu to go rescue them and stop Tai Lung. Tai Lung was also seen shortly in the memories of Po during his flashback as the latter attains inner peace to stop Lord Shen and his army of wolves from taking over China. One of his lines "Finally! Kung Fu Panda est un film d'animation américain produit par DreamWorks Animation, réalisé par Mark Osborne et John Stevenson, sorti en 2008 . Listen to all the actors who have voiced Tai Lung and vote for your favorite.  •  The Jade Palace in the Valley of Peace (formerly) •  Chorh-Gom Prison (formerly) •  Spirit Realm Tai Lung's outfit consists of a brown-studded belt and a pair of purple slacks, along with Shaolin leg wraps. According the the script for Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung got himself Ka-Thoomed.. TRENDING THIS WEEK. Po found out that Peng is Tai Lung's ne… Tour Guide | However, the Furious Five's victory was short-lived as Tai Lung managed to use what was left of the now-destroyed rope bridge to seamlessly swing up and break free, landing behind the startled team.

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